And on this respect, she is not very different from sure done-to-death cleaning soap opera characters. The movie is a satirical court drama directed by Dinjith Ayyathan, and stars Asif Ali in the lead role.

A few days after the marriage, he loses it and calls for divorce, finding a lawyer in Pradeepan . At several factors, the film also looks down upon those who search divorce with reasons like you both ‘have lived together for too lengthy a time or too quick a period’ to demand it. It is true that in actual life, even our authorized system dishes out that line typically. But, the movie fails at showing why the viewers can buy into it, and boringly romanticises the idea ‘if individuals spend sufficient time collectively issues will disappear.’ The humour within the film is mediocre, though Basil Joseph’s character offers a quantity of laughs. Amminippilla is left helpless when his family fixes his marriage with Kanthi.

NRI Amminipilla aka Shajiit , a young ‘man-child’ is in Thalasseri for vacation and his big, joint household decides to marry him off to a lady he hasn’t met. All he gets to see is a photo and right from the day of the marriage, he detests his bride Kanthi . Everything, from her figure, love for food to joyful shaking of legs at their marriage ceremony irritates Amminipilla and to high all of it, the shy fellow’s family hardly provides them any privacy.

He detests his spouse from the start and approaches a lawyer, Pradeepan, to file for divorce. The movie tries to ascertain that Kanthi loves the half-witted Amminipilla who bodyshames her on a number of occasions. It could also be argued that you can love somebody with out a lot reason but in this tale, the absence of its explanation does create a disconnect with Kanthi’s character for the viewer. Even though presented below is an aging schedule for bosworth company. she isn’t making an attempt to look scorching for her man, Kanthi is usually reduced to an all-bearing naive girl who cannot understand ‘why a stranger would not love her’ even after he repeatedly states the reasons out aloud!

At a time once we are fiercely combating fats phobia, it is nice that we have a number one woman who is shown consuming guilt-free, least bothered about her dimension, on this film. What bothers her isn’t her measurement, however the truth that her husband cannot love her. The movie deserves credit score for not treading a cliched line of ‘mediocre-girl-turns-hot-and-floors-the-guy.’ You have seen a few of the sequences in films like Dum Lagake Haisha and Midhunam, but Kakshi Amminipilla tries to stand by itself two toes. There are moments some in the viewers would possibly relate to the characters, for example, the one in which Amminipilla explains why he’s who he’s. Asif Ali’s character could be very totally different from the kind of roles he has carried out thus far. The performances of all actors are decent, and they additionally deserve brownie factors for making an attempt to sound authentic in the Thalasseri accent, although they have not all the time succeeded.