100+ Necessary Medical Phrases For Medical College Students

Osteoporosis- a typical illness of the formation of bone resulting in fragile bones and fractures. Myoepithelium- flattened to stellate cells, believed to be contractile, which lie in many types of externally secreting glands between the secreting cells and the basement membrane on which they lie. Leukocytosis- a transient increase in the variety of white blood cells ; due gloss/o medical term to numerous causes. Hyperplasia- a controlled improve within the number of normal cells in regular arrangement in an organ or tissue, inflicting a corresponding increase in tissue mass. Dysplasia- abnormality of growth; in pathology, alteration in dimension, shape, and organization of grownup cells.

If the time period ends in on, the plural is often fashioned by changing the on to a. Semi-gloss is often most in comparison with a satin finish, however has far more sheen than the latter. That means mild from home windows and lamps will bounce off semi-gloss paint extra easily than than a flatter end, like eggshell or satin.

Morbidity- the condition of being diseased or sick; the ‘sick’ price, i.e. the ratio of sick to properly persons in a neighborhood. Melena- black blood within the stool; the supply of blood is often from the abdomen or duodenum and is thus acted upon by digestive enzymes that break down the blood and create its black look. Leukoplakia- a white patch of oral mucous membrane which cannot be wiped off. Kyphosis- abnormally increased convexity in the curvature of the thoracic spine as viewed from the aspect. Karyorrhexis- rupture of the cell nucleus during which the chromatin disintegrates into formless granules that are extruded from the cell.

If you’re confused by a word, it might be because it’s written in plural type. It’s price getting to grips with the ten rules of singular and plural in medical terminology. Quick Introduction- offers an outline and introduction to medical terminology. Medical Terms- guidelines governing singular versus plural versions of medical terms are described. Medical Terminology Exams- twenty new exams have been created to check your information of medical terminology. See should you can spot the suffixes, prefixes, and/or root phrases.

Chemotaxis- movement of cells or organisms in response to chemical stimulation.chemotactic (adj.). Cellulitis- irritation of the delicate or connective tissue in which a skinny, watery exudate spreads through the tissue areas. Apoptosis- programmed cell dying ; fragmentation of the cell into membrane-bound particles that are eliminated by phagocytosis; from the Greek for “falling off”. Aphasia- partial or full loss of the ability to talk, write or understand spoken or written language, resulting from harm to the mind by injury or illness. Antigen- any substance, almost always a protein, not normally present in the physique which when introduced to the physique stimulates a specific immune response and the production of antibodies.