This Is Your Brain on toornados

Toornados are about as unique as a taco, and as unique as the name implies. Toornados are fresh, sweet, and hot, and they are easily the most popular snack in the world. They are so ubiquitous that they have a name and they are called toornados. In other words, there are two kinds of toornados: The Tostados (made from sweet corn and tomatoes) and the Poblanos (made from jalapeno peppers).

Toornados are the best part of the Southwest, and are also the only type of taco that even comes close to being fresh. And that’s why I have to wear a Tostado.

Toornados, hot dogs, tacos, and the rest of the Southwest’s “foodie culture” are so popular that in 2012, the number of states with mandatory school meal programs increased by more than 1,400. (I’m not sure how you’d get there from here.) Every state has an official taco stand or restaurant but here in Texas, it’s taco trucks that are the most popular.

I can’t believe this. I saw a trailer with the word TOC on it. Then I saw a trailer with the word TOC. I thought they were the TOC-related trailers because they were in the trailers for the previous trailer. But on the trailer itself, I saw the word TOC. I’m just guessing it’s the TOC-related trailers.

The word taco comes from the slang term for a Mexican-style meal, “taco.” So the idea of a new TOC-themed trailer is pretty cool.

You can also see the word-related trailer as the name of the restaurant chain, which now has 2 restaurants. The other is the taco truck.

Toornados is the place where I first thought about looking into this company. It’s the Mexican restaurant chain that has 2 restaurants in the US (although I’m not sure if they got the trademark for the word “Taco” yet). The trailers for TOC-related movies were the first time I thought about this company. I had no clue whether they had the trademark for the word “Taco” but it looks like they do.

I wish I knew more about how to make my own taco, but I really like the tacos that Toornados has made in Mexico. The tacos are pretty good. I actually think that one of them is just the best taco I’ve ever had. The other one is just about as good as the first. It was a bit of a different taco, but it was still good.

Taco is a term that’s basically a kind of game-like game, but there are a few things that make it so. For one, it’s like saying, “This is the taco that we can make.” That’s okay, I don’t have to play these games, but I do have to play them one last time.

Taco is really a kind of game. It means you can make a taco. It means you can make a taco. It means you can make a taco. It means you can make a taco. It means you can make a taco.

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