The Death Of Crypto Link building  And How To Avoid It

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The death of crypto link building is upon us. It’s been months in the making and it looks like now is the time to act. In this article, we’ll discuss why people no longer care about backlinks and what you can do to avoid this trend.

As a general rule, webmasters are constantly ranking their sites higher on Google by placing links to other websites on their website pages. Links have become an important part of SEO strategy that anchor your page and make it more attractive to search engines. One way a new site can generate these links is through link building for crypto influence.

1. Link building has been abused

It is the responsibility of the webmaster to inform website owners about what kind of links they should place on their websites. They can either do this manually or automatically. In both cases, they will be presented with reasons why they should place links on their site and why it is a positive situation for them. After all, a website owner will only take part in link building if he/she feels that there are benefits to be gained.

When you abuse this process, you’re only hurting yourself and making others lose interest in you and your website. If you do this to just one site, then that’s fine. But this shouldn’t be the case with every single website out there. So what can you do?

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll have to inform websites that if they start link building on your behalf, it will be hard for you to reach their potential customers. You won’t get your commission from those historical backlinks and no one else will either. No matter how much money the webmaster is offering for links, he/she will refuse to pay up if it’s clear that the webmaster doesn’t have anything to gain from it.

2. Link building is not a sustainable strategy

When your website has been ranking for a long time and you’re starting to get a lot of links from other websites, it’s only normal that you want to keep those rankings going. But if this becomes your only source of referral traffic, then the situation will change.

One day, Google will be affected by the fact that there are a lot of links coming in from other websites. So as soon as they see these links coming in, they will start penalizing them. In the past we’ve seen sites being penalized because they were being viewed by spiders that were supposed to have been removed and yet they weren’t removed properly. The same thing was happening to these websites because they were allowing website owners to place links on their sites. Find our site list here.

What you need to understand is that if people are using you for link building purposes, then the big G will hit you sooner or later. To avoid this, give them a clear message and help them remove links from your site as soon as possible. That way you can save your rankings and only then start adding new backlinks.

3. The mystery surrounding link building has been lost

When people started targeting every single link they could find, other people started getting into the game and it didn’t take long before everyone had something to say about it all. Eventually, the message got out about how link building was actually done.

The first people to figure it out were other webmasters. They understood that when they place links on your website, you’re essentially paying them for a link and they should be charging you more than just bitcoins or dollars. You see, when everyone is paying to get links, then everyone else knows that they should be charging too.

Nowadays many people are looking at their competitors and trying to figure out what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong. There are so many ranking reports available on the Internet that it’s only a matter of time before you start getting into trouble because someone has figured out your link building strategies and is ready to exploit them with manaul outreach.

4. SEO link building has become a big topic

If you’ve been following the news, then you know that Google has started penalizing websites because they have too many links coming in. Furthermore, they have started showing more and more spammy links in their search results. As far as I know, no one knows exactly when this is going to happen and when it will stop happening. But if you’re running a website that’s trying to make money by selling links, then it would be best to start thinking about this even before the big G’s algorithm takes action against your site.


When you try to build links, you can’t just rely on spamming people through email. Instead, you have to give them a convincing story about your website’s potential and why it deserves links. If you’re trying to convince people that they should be sending out bulk emails to get backlinks for crypto igaming, then the whole process will start turning into a big mess. You need to make sure that every single link you place on your site is going to give your webmaster something good in return.

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