7 Things About donald whitmer Your Boss Wants to Know


Donald Whitmer, the greatest basketball player that no one has ever heard of, was also the greatest college basketball player that no one has ever heard of. And so is that.

Of course, we could just be talking about the same guy, but I’m going to give it to him anyway – no other player ever made so much of being just a player. He was a player, man. He was a basketball player.

Sure, he was a basketball player, but that doesn’t stop him from being the greatest player that no one has ever heard of. The fact is that Donald Whitmer was an all-time great basketball player, and that fact alone is enough to make you fall in love with him. You know, you have to give it to him for being such a great athlete.

Donald Whitmer is one of the most overrated basketball players of all-time. His career was short, for one thing. He played a total of about twenty minutes per game in his time as a pro. He averaged just over eight points per game in his time on the court. I think that’s enough to say for now.

One of my favorite basketball players is Michael Jordan. He dominated the league in a decade, even winning five MVP awards. He was also a pretty good player, but I think that makes him less overrated.

Whitmer was a pretty good player too, but I think that makes him even less overrated. One of his strengths is his physicality. Being a 6’6″ shooting guard with a 6’10” frame that he can jump over, he can pretty much do whatever he wants to do. He also has a big, strong, and muscular frame that many players don’t have. Another strength is his intelligence.

He’s pretty smart, but not that smart. He’s a great athlete, but not that great an athlete, and not that good at basketball. He’s good at baseball, hockey, football, and tennis. And he’s pretty good at the guitar, but you can’t tell by looking at him.

He’s a strong athlete, good at baseball, and good at soccer as well. But he’s not as good as he could be at any of the above sports. He’s a good athlete at football, basketball, and hockey, but not good at basketball and not as good at hockey as he could be. However, he has a very strong body and is very fit.

Thats a little different. Hes not strong at any of the sports he plays, but he is very good at the guitar. He plays more in the rock/metal sub-genre than in the country/rock genre though. And he really rocks his body. Hes only 5’6″, which makes him a little taller than most of the guys in the band.

Hes always put on a great show at this gig. This is a band that just came out of the studio and started playing live a couple of weeks ago. They’ve been touring for a few months now.

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